I am Spook

She stood in front of the man in her house, staring in disbelief. He walked right through her. ~<~>~ So the prompt for this micro fiction was: in twenty words or less write a ghost story. I'm not too sure how well it turned out but I thought I'd turn it around to make it … Continue reading I am Spook


A Living Contradiction

So creative writing actually hasn't been going well for me. I believe I have an F currently in that class, even though it's mega easy, because I've got major senoiritis and I haven't been keeping up with the work at all (yay~)! Thankfully we've only focused on short stories and our blog but it all … Continue reading A Living Contradiction

A Tactless Tenacity

So my Creative Writing Prof. started us on flash fiction and I have to admit that I actually enjoy it! I try to write a lot of fanfictions but then they never end up finished, so these little 500 - 1000 word speals help in kind of organizing my thoughts. Anyways, I've recently been dragged … Continue reading A Tactless Tenacity


Sometimes in a moment of déjà vu I forget where I am and my hands bleed into the bed and the bed bleeds into the wall. There are colors becoming other colors and it doesn’t mean anything. This is always happening and we never notice. One layer. What’s a layer? We’re touching through layers. Two … Continue reading #irelate

In Retrospect of Hindsight

I wonder if maybe you could answer a question for me in the brief amount of time we've known one another: who am I? Surely you can answer that for me. No? Okay, well then how about this one: what makes me, me? Still not sure? Come on, that was an easy one. Alright, what … Continue reading In Retrospect of Hindsight

Raise Your Hand if You Can Spell

Something random to talk about... something random... Random... Random... Radnom... Oh, whoops, did I spell that right? No? Oh well. Spelling and I have never gotten along anyhow! 😉 Honestly, English is probably one of my least favorite class subjects (although everything is my least favorite class subject right now, you know, senioritis and all) right … Continue reading Raise Your Hand if You Can Spell

Heart Wounds

In creative writing we watched two TED Talks by Brené Brown, a vulnerability researcher, who was digging into the depths of shame and vulnerability. I really enjoyed her TED Talks because she picked apart the messiest parts of life and evaluated them despite the uncertainty of life research. A lot of people in my class … Continue reading Heart Wounds