Devil’s Advocate

So I've finally gotten back to writing my own stories (yay~)! I haven't actually posted anything yet on AO3 or Wattpad because I want to get a few more chapters done, but I'll let you guys have a sneak peak. An by "s. p." I mean I'll let you read then entire chapter 😉 . … Continue reading Devil’s Advocate


My Life, a Mess

So we've got about two weeks left of school, not counting finals week and I am on borderline failing two classes right now. It is most definitely my fault, as well as the addition of senioritis, but I just can't get myself to push through and get my crap done. I have two papers I … Continue reading My Life, a Mess

A Living Contradiction

So creative writing actually hasn't been going well for me. I believe I have an F currently in that class, even though it's mega easy, because I've got major senoiritis and I haven't been keeping up with the work at all (yay~)! Thankfully we've only focused on short stories and our blog but it all … Continue reading A Living Contradiction

A Tactless Tenacity

So my Creative Writing Prof. started us on flash fiction and I have to admit that I actually enjoy it! I try to write a lot of fanfictions but then they never end up finished, so these little 500 - 1000 word speals help in kind of organizing my thoughts. Anyways, I've recently been dragged … Continue reading A Tactless Tenacity


Sometimes in a moment of déjà vu I forget where I am and my hands bleed into the bed and the bed bleeds into the wall. There are colors becoming other colors and it doesn’t mean anything. This is always happening and we never notice. One layer. What’s a layer? We’re touching through layers. Two … Continue reading #irelate

An extremely belated Apology

Recently I just finished an anime, dubbed by Funimation studios, called "Yuri on Ice". It's about a man, Yuri Katsuki, who loses sight of his dream to be a gold medalist figure skater and it follows him on his journey through competition. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it because the soundtrack is … Continue reading An extremely belated Apology