Hello, friends!

Thanks for coming to read about lil’ ‘ole me. I must admit that I am no one special. I’m just another face in the crowd, a wisp of personality and attitude that you might pass on the streets without noticing. That sounds rather depressing, but I’m satisfied with my ability to sometimes disappear into the background. It gives me room to breath and space to think.

I guess if I have to aptly describe myself I would mainly say that I’m a huge dork. I enjoy an array of video games, anime, books, music, and art. I like shipping fictional, predominantly male, characters together and I participate in written rpgs as well. I support the LGBTQ+ community and have quite a few queer/bisexual/transgender friends. I prefer movies to stage plays and musicals but I don’t hate plays either. I sadly don’t hava a lot of time to watch anime much anymore, but I’ll take time every few months or so to binge on a series. So far I’ve mainly been obsessing over Psycho-Pass, Yuri on Ice (fricken can’t wait for the second season!!) and Ao no Exorsist.

I’m graduating high school in the summer of 2017 and then majoring in animation and computer science at Ball State University in the fall of 2017, so shout out to all my fellow Ball State bounds! I actually didn’t think I would go into art as a major but I’ve always loved drawing and it only grew worse when I started copying anime styles (don’t do that, ever, drawing anime is bad and no college wants it). I actually can’t see myself majoring in anything other than art now, I just don’t have an interest in anything else that I can turn into a job. I figured however, and also because I’m such a nerd for video games, that as the world progresses so does technology and if everything is going to start being computerized, then I better educate myself.

I think that’s about it. I don’t want to give away my entire life story right here. If anyone wants to hit me up with some questions head on over to my “Contact” tab and fill everything out. Have a lovely day, friends!