My Life, a Mess

So we’ve got about two weeks left of school, not counting finals week and I am on borderline failing two classes right now. It is most definitely my fault, as well as the addition of senioritis, but I just can’t get myself to push through and get my crap done. I have two papers I need to finish in one class and in the other I’m always late in turning in my work so I ask her to grade it for late work and she still hasn’t gotten it in. ANd I have a freaking scholarship riding on my grades. I CANNOT HAVE A C AS MY FINAL SEMESTER GRADE.

So, yea, I’m having a slight case of a major breakdown. This blog post that you’re reading right now? Oh yes, it’s late. If you’re wondering, I’m failing creative writing as of right now. Want to know the other class I’m close to failing? Threatre appriciation. Was any of this spell checked? Nope.

I am. So done. With my life. I can’t even anymore.

So there you go, a recap of my past few weeks of being alive! Harrah!


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