A Living Contradiction

So creative writing actually hasn’t been going well for me. I believe I have an F currently in that class, even though it’s mega easy, because I’ve got major senoiritis and I haven’t been keeping up with the work at all (yay~)! Thankfully we’ve only focused on short stories and our blog but it all just feels extremely repetitive (sorry Mrs. H!) and I just can’t get myself to do them. Like writing out all of this right now is extremely painful and boring for me, which I assume is going to make reading it painful and boring as well (sorry :/ ).

Lately I started rereading Rick Rioridan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and have been completely influenced by his characters and writing style when it came to my own. Which can be good when your character doesn’t turn out exactly like the son of Hades. Which mine did. My second character turned out a lot better. While I’m sure there was external influences used on him, he didn’t end up an exact replica of Nico Di Angelo like my first character. The “scene” used to imagine this character was “at a concert” along with a prompt of “contradicting personality”. Though it wasn’t so much his personality that contradicted with itself, it was more like the character himself contradicted with the concert. It was really a lot of fun once I was able to get out of the shadow of Rioridan. I’ve also noticed that I mostly write fan fictions in my spare time instead of coming up with original stories of my own. Not that I find anything wrong with fan fictions, I read quite a few… daily, it’s just that it sort of locks down my creative process until I’m stuck in a never ending loop of Nico Di Angelos.

I really would like to continue with “A Tactless Tenacity” even though it’s a fan fiction, and a few other prompts I’ve written down into my journal, as well as expending on my concert character, but they’re going to have to be majorly revised since I was recently taught a lesson on writing from John Green: writing fiction is supposed to be for others, not for yourself. I can honestly say I have never thought of writing that way once in my life. I’ve always written based on what I like and how I felt, not my audience. I feel like if I can get past writing for others rather than myself then I will grow as a writer.

Again, one of the prompts I really liked using was the “contradicting personalities” prompt. I think this one calls out to me so strongly because I myself sometimes feel like I have personality traits that just don’t fit together like being OCD/anal about certain things but I myself am a complete mess/mess maker. I think it’s endearing, in its own way, and believable because human beings are so flawed and contradictory that it’s just become apart of who we are as people. I really do enjoy the short story unit we’re in and hope we continue with it until the end of the school year.


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