Under 1000 Words

So this is a bit of a joint post because I am a bad student and am doing half of an assignment two days late. We started our unit in Creative Writing on flash and micro fiction. Flash fiction is what I would define as short stories. I believe that under 5000 words would be enough as that is about the word count of a small novella, though my Prof. has explained they should be under 1000. Micro fiction however is even shorter. Our Prof. didn’t really provide us with a word count limit, but I believe it’s less than 150 at most, preferably less than 100.

Honestly I really like flash fiction writing: any genre applies with any kind of writing style and no commitment. I’ve tried to write my own stories which then slowly turned into me writing fan fiction as I am really bad at coming up with good characters and plots to follow. With it requiring so little caliber and commitment it’s easy enough for a kindergartener, or me, to write and I believe it helps you develop it into something deeper if you want to continue on with a longer story. The one thing that I could probably do without in flash fiction is the word limit. I would understand for class if the requirement was merely under think 1000 words but I also believe that a writing can be under 5000 words and still be considered flash fiction. Maybe I’m wrong and that is supposed to be more in the style of short stories rather than flash fiction. Now that I think about it, that is probably most definitely the case. I’m terrible with English classes: I can’t spell to save my life, I can barely speak my own native language without creating a train wreck, and I’m sure I use more commas than is absolutely necessary. Still, I enjoy reading fan fictions and published works alike, as well as trying to write my own though I’ve never succeeded in finishing one. If I ever do I’ll feel extremely accomplished, you can count on that! XD

Micro fiction seemed a little ridiculous to me at first because at the time I was honestly thinking “who on Earth reads stories that are 50 words or less for fun?”. It’s not enough time to imagine up characters in depth and definitely not enough time to create a complex plot, so what’s the point in reading them? Boy, was I wrong. Not really wrong in the sense that a) you can’t develop characters or b) you can’t create a decent plot line but more in the sense of c) what is the point, these will being boring, why waste my time. It’s almost scary how much these one paragraph stories can draw you in emotionally with so few words. For example, our Prof. had us read a bunch of micro fictions in class (which you can check out here) and I literally didn’t stop reading them until I had to go home because they were all just so diverse, unique and emotionally ensnaring. I had even cried after reading one about a dying black cat. It hadn’t even gone into the situation very detailedly, it just said “she died while purring in my lap” and I burst into tears. I’m such a cry baby.

I really liked how you could fit so much emotion in such a small paragraph, though. It was just really astounding, even though you only had enough room for one emotion, that you could put so much feeling and power into each word enough to convey something to your audience. It didn’t really follow a specific format either. There was a micro fiction I had read that seemed like it was almost set up to mimic a poetic stanza rather than a paragraph. Which still kind makes me wonder if this kind of writing is pointless or not, but oh well. I think this kind of “short and sweet” writing would help to develop where you want to go with the plot and continue to help form scenes within an overlying or underlying arc (still not exactly sure what an arc is, but from what I’ve read it’s kind of like a plot?).

This unit has been really fun and simple so far (I’ve just been a really bad, lazy student) so I’m glad we’ll probably end the year with this. I’m just ready to be out of high school and in college, but I have quite a few projects to finish up very half-assedly (yaaay~! High school! 😀 ). Alright, keep it real happy meals!


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