A Tactless Tenacity

So my Creative Writing Prof. started us on flash fiction and I have to admit that I actually enjoy it! I try to write a lot of fanfictions but then they never end up finished, so these little 500 – 1000 word speals help in kind of organizing my thoughts. Anyways, I’ve recently been dragged down into the firey pits of the Jasico underworld so that’s what I decided to write my drabble on! 😀

A warning for those who feel uncomfortable with homosexuality and slash; there are no graphic scene’s in the flash fiction, but there is hinting at sexual intercourse.



At first, when Jason opened his eyes, he didn’t understand where he was. Of course, the splitting pain in his skull wasn’t helping but he was quite sure that this wasn’t his room. It was was too dark to be his, though the lighting wasn’t much better in his small, 450 square foot apartment. What really clued him into the fact that he was out of place though, was a warmth that was was curled up next to him, radiating heat into his left arm which had been thrown over the other – what Jason assumed was a person – protectively. Slowly, so as not to wake his companion, he shifted on his side to get a better look at who was beside him and felt his blood freeze at the sight, wishing he had just stayed ignorant and gone back to sleep.

He was laying in bed with none other than Nico Di Angelo, a fellow student from HBU, death boy extraordinaire as people called him, and as naked as the day he was born. Jason quickly glanced down, warranting another stab from his head at the sudden movement, and was floored to find that his own clothes were also missing. He let out a shaky exhale, maneuvering so he was sitting on the edge of Nico’s bed before scratching his nails through his hair. Why was he here? What happened last night? Had he done something to Nico? Every question was left un answered as he continued to destroy his scalp, taking the slight stinging as punishment for all the “what ifs” he didn’t have answers to.

It wasn’t particularly the fact he was in Nico’s apartment or that they were both in bed, stark naked that bothered him – bisexuality held perks when it came to getting laid. It was the fact that he couldn’t remember getting laid, or even talking to Nico at all that had him on the edge of a panic attack. All he could figure out was that some friend of his had dragged him to a party and forced a bunch of heavy drinks into his hands. Normally Jason would have refused the liquor, as he disliked the taste, but he had broken up with Piper that Monday. It had been mutually, though it still hurt, and he’d been brooding ever since. A few shots Saturday night surely wouldn’t have been enough to warrant him getting drunk until he couldn’t remember a single occurrence after the point of some girl starting to drape herself all over him while leaving him hung over with a sledgehammer in his head. He was proven obviously and ironically incorrect by his current situation.

Wait, he thought, if there had been a girl, then why was he in Nico’s dorm room? Maybe he should wake Nico up and ask him what had happened. Surely he hadn’t gone to the party. It didn’t really look like his type of environment, though Jason really didn’t know the freshman well enough to actually say whether or not he should be at a party. Maybe he was secretly a party animal who only looked quiet and reserved. Then again, Nico was always at the back of the hall whenever Jason had lectures with him and he never stuck around with other students or seemed to have any friends.

Either way, he was here in Nico dorm room, naked and with no recollection of what they may have done. Jason felt his heart clench softly at the prospect of his forgotten memory. Not that he wasn’t very curious about what he had done last night, he had his pride as a man, but he was also a gentleman through and through. He was never one to engage in meaningless coital and he couldn’t forgive himself for not remembering such an intimate act.

Jason glanced over to the sleeping man next to him, his thoughts evaporating when he heard a soft whimper. Nico was frowning slightly, his eyebrows drawn together in discomfort and his jaw clenched so tightly Jason thought it might shatter. Was he having a nightmare Hesitantly, Jason reached out a hand to cradle the smaller man’s face, letting himself smile despite his predicament when Nico relaxed almost immediately, leaning into Jason’s hand. His thumb gently smoothed over Nico’s cheek, just barely grazing the long eyelashes and extremely dark exhaustion circles under his eyes.

Nico looked like he rarely got any sleep and Jason mentally kicked himself for even thinking about waking up the younger man. If he remembered correctly, Nico was a premed major. Which would explain the prominent circles under his eyes. Another whimper escaped his bedmate’s lips and with a soft sigh, Jason slid back under the covers. He pulled the freshman closer to his torso, tucking the messy head of obsidian hair beneath his chin while he closed his eyes and relaxed back into the mattress. Jason’s mental breakdown could wait a few more hours and then after it was addressed, he could take all the fire of Nico’s anger and accusation before turning their unconventional meeting into the best relationship of his life.


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