My Poetry is Extremely Mortifying

My Creative Writing Professor wanted us to only put two of our poems on our blogs, but I decided to do more than two. Opps(?)

Oh well, it shouldn’t matter that I add one or two more… or five…


I Have None

Run ragged
Dead on my feet
Down to my bones

Life piles up:
School, work, family,
Chores, bills
Never ending

Just set aside some

What “time”?
I have none.


Like Malala

A fight that has
Spanned years,
Crossed oceans,
Connected thousands

Freedom, Education,
Stares down the barrel of
The Executioner’s gun

Sit still,
Look pretty,

I refuse.

I would rather
Forgo complacency
And travel through
The Crossfire



A Name exists as
A Leash

Gilded, perhaps
Disguised with jewels
And ribbons
But still a Leash

Accepted, Rejected,
Cut short,
Covered up

But still answered to,
Until you’re put down



Rinse, Reflect, Repeat

A cold sliver,
Its Bite ice
Dances over muted Stigmas

Red tears fall

They flood
The 17th floor Balcony


On hands and knees
The bathroom soothes
Your burning throat

Turn the faucet on
Rinse away your offenses
Reflect on your actions



Press Select to restart

Create your character
Press Select to continue

Chapters fly by
As does time:
3 a.m. and counting

Say: >Option A<
Perform: >Option B<

Winner! Winner! Winner!
You won an Item:
Their Heart
Currently holding x0

Would you like to:

You chose to
Break Their Heart

Press Select to restart



You’re curious
[It’s] natural

Yet your Browser History
Shocks even yourself
What’s so wrong with [It]
That you delete all evidence?

You’ve never even
Done [It] before
You want to,
Don’t lie

Just admit [It]
You’re curious


Volatile Suffocation

How did it come to
I don’t know…

I can’t Breathe

Inhale, Exhale
My lungs fill with
Clouded ash

Limbs lay, Useless
Pinned by broken drywall

The Void lulls me
While dead eyes wander,

I want to scream but
There’s no air

Under the rubble
The noise is muffled

I can’t Breathe


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