A Belief as strong as Love

Wow, we really do suck at taking pictures together… Sarah is the photogenic babe on the left.

In seventh grade I saw this brooding, unhappy and scary looking girl and for some reason my brain immediately thought: “oh, she’s a gorgeous (in all aspects of the word) person, let’s go be her friend”. As you can imagine said scary looking girl didn’t take to well to my advances of friendship at first. My parent’s also really though she was a terrible influence, but me being the stubborn little Korean I am just wasn’t ready to give up on her. I didn’t know it then, but I saw so much potential in her as a human being. She is going to do something big with her life, I just know it (whether she sees it or not because I do). Her name is Sarah Morrow.

For the most part, my middle school days were spent following Sarah around like a lost puppy. I pretty much idolized her because she was (still is) great at everything she did. When she started drawing, I would draw. When she started writing stories, I wrote them too. When she picked up a certain clothing style, I’d try to copy it. Now that I think back on it, I was basically trying to become a carbon copy of her. I honestly don’t know why she didn’t just kick me to the curb. I’m glad she didn’t, though. I can say with 100% confidence that I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am without her in my life. I met most of my friends because of Sarah, including my other best friend Emily Turner.

In high school we all decided to join the Early College program in order to stay close together (at least, that’s my reasoning). It’s a wonderful tight knit community of teacher and students and since we all got accepted into the program all of our teachers know us very well. They even took to calling us the Golden Trio because, like Harry, Ron and Hermione, we were inseparable.

Most of my high school years were spent with Sarah because I still didn’t quiet shake off my idolization from her. Perhaps it was a good thing. No matter how much I idolize her she seems to think that she’s not good enough at anything she does. I don’t want to share her story without her permission, but I will say that her mentality of herself hasn’t ever been a really positive one. I try so hard to be there for her when she hits rock bottom and she always tells me she feels better afterwards, but we’re always going around in circles that I feel like my words aren’t reaching her. It’s like she puts up nets that catch my words before they can reacher her ears.

I want to help her. I love her so much. Can’t she understand that? Sometimes she says she has no one to be with her. What am to her then? I’m trying so hard to reach her but I still feel so many doors in between us. I get so upset when someone hurts her. She’s so precious to me, but it’s like she can’t see it. How do I make you see it, Sarah?

You’re such a wonderful person. You can’t deny it, I see it all the time. You make such incredible art, you connect with most everyone and your passion and understanding of political science astounds me. I can have wonderful conversations on the universe with you or I can just be this giant ball of dorky energy that you handle so well. You indulge my craziness but keep me levelheaded unlike anyone else. Can’t you see how amazing you are to me? You push me to my limit, you give me so many chances to grow. You helped me recognize my passions and give me helpful advice. You’re so talented you make me jealous sometimes.

Please believe me when I say that you’re a beautiful , talented, intelligent person. You’re one of the very few people in my life I consider to be my family (and you should know how much that means considering more than half of my family sucks). Even if we’re not related by blood, we’ve been through so much together that I can’t think of you as just a regular best friend. We’re framily! 😊

So have more confidence in yourself because I have full confidence in you.


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