Raise Your Hand if You Can Spell

Something random to talk about… something random… Random… Random… Radnom… Oh, whoops, did I spell that right? No? Oh well. Spelling and I have never gotten along anyhow! 😉

Honestly, English is probably one of my least favorite class subjects (although everything is my least favorite class subject right now, you know, senioritis and all) right after science. It’s almost hilarious how the Friday spelling tests were one of my biggest fears in elementary school, especially now since I work on sentence fluency and punctuation and all those other hard English tools all the time.

Now with everyday activities being overtaken by technology, schools everywhere have begun using iPads. Technically speaking, my high school has been for the past four years. We used to have autocorrect and spellcheck and the dictionary at our fingertips until about a year ago when the technicians figured out how to restrict our iPads. You can probably imagine the uproar of utter disbelief when kids found out they could no longer passively cheat on their online chemistry tests and get perfects on the spelling portion of their essays. I myself was also rather distraught that I no longer had my best friend, spellcheck, around to help me out anymore. It took me about ten years to figure out how to spell words like “sentence” and “conscience” (I still spell them wrong sometimes) and since they took away everything on the apps, I was forced to look up how to spell quite a few words.

Thankfully they have reimplemented a few of the aforementioned features, such as the dictionary and spell check, onto our main typing app as well as a half auto correction, but it still bothers me when I type something wrong and it doesn’t automatically fix it for me. Honestly, it’s probably good for me because I often learn how to spell the word out by manually correcting it. So, I suppose it’s not all for nothing. Spell check will still forever be my best friend, though 😁


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